• Primary and secondary injection tests.
  • Testing of instruments transformers (CTs and VTs).
  • Breaker test (open and close test and static resistance).
  • Earth testing, in and around substation.
  • Preventive maintenance on the electrical apparatus
  • Infrared scan.

Clients: Gautrain and Wegezi

  • Design, supply, installation and commissioning
  • Repair
  • Major maintenance
  • FAT
  • Inspection (Oil level, Physical inspection and infrared scan)
  • Testing (SFRA, Dielectric strength and etc.)
  • WearCheck (Contaminants, Acid levels and etc.)
  • Recommendation
  • Purification

Clients: Gautrain, Wegezi

Instrument Transformers

  • Check oil level,
  • Infrared scan
  • Ratio testing

  • Design (Type A and B),
  • refurbishment,
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning,
  • Build according to client specification.

Clients: Gautrain, Wegezi

Circuit Breakers (MCBs, Draw Out and Fixed Air Circuit Breaker, SF6, Medium and High Voltage Oil Breakers)

Medium and High Voltage Oil Breakers

  • Visual inspection
  • Infrared scan
  • Contact resistance
  • Injection Tests
  • Micrologic Trip Unit replacements
  • Clients: Gautrain and Wegezi

  • To lend a helping hand in making a good decision in the field of electrical engineering services.
  • To Provide a well detailed comprehensive reports.


  • Retrofit projects e.g.: Upgrade protection with the emerging technologies
  • Functional Testing
  • HMI for electrical reticulation


  • Earthing and earth continuity testing.
  • Ultrasonic Testing

  • Grading
    • Calculation of relay settings
    • Implementation of relay settings
    • Fault level study

Clients: Extreme Electrical - Falcon

  • High Voltage
  • ORHVS and OHS Act